Kirk Whalum’s The Gospel According to Jazz: Chapter III: In Stores Now!!!

Eight-time Grammy nominated jazz saxophonist Kirk Whalum recently released the long-awaited third installment in his popular genre-bridging gospel jazz series; The Gospel According To Jazz: Chapter III. The star-studded live celebration is available with a special package in both a two-disc CD package and a special DVD shot in hi-definition video. The project features the gospel-targeted single “He’s Been Just That Good,” featuring vocalist Lalah Hathaway. “It’s kind of a mini journey through the evolution of jazz to an extent,” says Kirk Whalum. “It documents the fact that gospel is not a recent collaborator with jazz. They started out together.” Unique to the concept of The Gospel According To Jazz is the fact that it brings jazz fans, gospel fans, and R&B fans together with those who are dedicated to Christ, and meets the listeners where they are spiritually. With the The Gospel According to Jazz: Chapter III, Kirk Whalum takes listeners on a journey from spirituals through New Orleans jazz through modern jazz, R&B, hip-hop, reggae, blues, and gospel.Kirk Whalum’s The Gospel According to Jazz: Chapter III debuted #12 on Billboard’s Gospel chart and #40 on the Top Christian/Gospel chart!

Oraclez Gospel Festival & Awards Exclusive: Faith Evans Will Be Joining Artist Line Up

Hi Guys, Just heard that Faith Evans, will be joining the Oraclez Gospel Festival and Awards 2010. She will be joining the stag with Donnie McClurkin, Bebe and Cece Winans, Trin-i-tee 5:7and many more. This will all take place at Wembley Arena London, 3rd May 2010.Also it is romoured that Mary Mary, maybe joining the line up again this year. The sister duo did a fantastic show last year. So for you guys that missed it last year, if they join the line up, you will be blessed.


Two days before Christmas, Donald Young, the popular choir director at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, was discovered murdered in his apartment. He had been shot multiple times, including a shot in the head.

Donald Young, 47, conducted choir for more than two decades at the well-known church. He also taught fourth grade at a Chicago public school.

On Saturday, December 29, more than 2,500 people attended Donald Young’s standing-room-only funeral service, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Some mourners waited outside for over 20 minutes to say goodbye.

Senator Barack Obama, who attends the church, sent a letter of condolence. The letter, along were many others, was read during the service, according to the paper.

Authorities told The Chicago Sun-Times that Christmas presents and jewelry were missing from Young’s home.

No arrest has been made in the case. A police investigation is underway and a $1,000 reward is being offered for info leading to an arrest.

Donald Young had grown the choir’s membership to more than 100 members. They all attended his funeral-singing one last time for their leader.

Gospel Music Bites would like to send our condolences to Donald Young’s family and friend. We pray that the Lord will comfort them, at this difficult time. Please hold onto God and he will see you through.

More.. Please leave you prayers and words of encouragement for the Donald Young’s family and friends. Thank you


What you Should Know before Moving To Calgary to Ensure that you are Safe


Opting to rent an apartment in Calgary will give you the chance to live in Alberta’s largest city. Calgary is in the South of the province, within the beautiful landscape and the range of spectacular foothills. Over time, demand for apartment Calgary offers has increased. Today, Calgary hosts more than one million residents, and there is potential for a million more. The city offers a lot, regarding eco-tourism and agriculture. Calgary has a booming petroleum industry and is also an IT hub.

The price for apartments and properties in varies widely. They depend on the amenities available, location, major motorways, and connectivity. If you are looking into moving to Calgary, you can hire a reputable real estate agent to guide you, or you can also do a personal assessment. The real estate industry in Calgary offers a variety of options such as bungalows, studio apartments, condos, and townhouses.

Things to do in Calgary


One of the reasons why individuals move to Calgary is economic-related. The city is endowed with various resources such as petroleum, tourism amenities, and agricultural activities. These industries have seen the vast growth of the city to its current state. Therefore, you can relocate there if you wish to be employed or want to invest in any of these industries.



Calgary hosts several events that attract people from around the globe. They include the One World Festival, the Caribbean Festival, the Calgary Stampede and the Folk Music Festival. These events attract many individuals to visit the city.


Winter sports

Calgary was the first Canadian city to host Winter Olympics. This can be attributed to its great terrain. It is suitable for winter sports which are a favorite to many. There are several mountain resorts within the area. These are some of the factors that make sports lovers want to rent apartments within the city. They are assured of permanent places of residence during sporting activities, thus need not hassle for accommodation.



Short-term VS long-term apartments

When relocating to Calgary, one of the things you should do is to get an appropriate apartment. You will have to choose between a short term and a long term apartment rental.

A short term apartment is suitable for tenants who want to rent the place for a short period. Short term apartments may include amenities such as a spa, gym, or swimming pool. Housekeeping services may also be availed. They range in size, usually from three bedrooms and above.

Short term renters include:

  • Business individuals staying in the city for a short while
  • Vacationers who do not want to stay at a hotel
  • People moving into a new town and they have not found a place to rent on permanent basis

On the other hand, long-term apartments are suitable for individuals looking to relocate on a permanent basis. Amenities, such as those provided in short term apartments, may not be offered. They cost less than short term apartments since the lease period is longer.

If you are planning to relocate, now you know why Calgary apartment rentals can be an ideal choice.


Gospel Heritage 2010 Praise & Worship Conference, Jacksonville, FL FEB 18-19

Gospel Music Bites hopes to seeing you in Jacksonville, Fl for the 2010 Gospel Heritage Praise & Worship Conference!

You’ll enjoy sessions for Pastors, Ministers of Music, Young Adults and Praise Dancers.

Register now to take advantage of our early registration discount pricing!

Adult registration-only $89 from now EXTENDED until October 25th!
Student registration—only $59 from now EXTENDED until October 25th!
Friday night GALA Tickets are discounted…the earlier you buy them, the more you’ll SAVE $$$!

Vendor tables are $250. *All vendors will be located in the front foyer of the church!
(There is limited availability)

SPECIAL GROUP DISCOUNTS…BUY 10 GALA Tickets or Registrations and GET THE 11TH FREE!*
*Discount must be issued off line by GHF office

Gospel Music Bites Word of The Day: DELIVERED FROM HOMOSEXUALITY

Sometimes, because you have something missing in your life, you do things to compensate. That’s what happened to me.

I am a 22 year old woman who has been saved since I was eight years old. Over the past 7 years, my life has been slowly going downhill due to circumstances all around me: my mother being diagnosed with anorexia/OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) / major depression, the “loss” of my father through his withdrawing from our family, quitting college because of depression, endless relationships with men that ended in tragedy. I remember for some time, due to the influence of my mother, I was very conscious of my weight and appearance. I always looked at the girls around me, comparing myself to them. Somehow, through the constant viewing, comparing, looking, I found myself becoming interested in women.

I remember, at college, “having” to watch the Ellen “coming out” episode. At that time, I had NO IDEA that I had homosexual feelings, but something was at work within me, and it was a dangerous thing. I left school after 1 1/2 years due to major depression. I could not concentrate in school, and there were two guys that I had dated that went there, and I couldn’t take the stress.


When I returned home, something inside me made me post an ad on the Internet. I met *Sarah, a lesbian not too far from me. She was looking for someone too, like I was. I had never had a homosexual experience, and quite frankly, never considered one. I can’t tell you exactly what made me “discover” my feelings for other women, but it was evident. And I didn’t want to ignore it. She brought me to a gay bar, where, over the past 2 1/2 years I have spent my life. I have dated various women there, and ended up dating someone very seriously. I moved in with her after 3 months of dating, and lived with her for about four months. I was ABSOLUTELY convinced that I was gay. The Bible was wrong; I even found myself searching for books on the acceptance of Christianity and Homosexuality.

During this period of my life, I cared for no one but myself. I did drugs (cocaine, XTC, pot, mushrooms), did a considerable amount of cigarette smoking, drank continuously. I was so depressed. I was so anxious. And I was so away from God.

I don’t know if it was the people praying for me, or God Himself, reaching out to me in His mercy, but one day I had decided to leave the lifestyle – and the club, which I had made my home. I knew EVERYONE there, and we were all a “family.” I decided that on that night, I would bring my girlfriend to the bar and tell her that I could not see her anymore. I proceeded to get very drunk, knowing that I couldn’t handle it sober. And, I sat down with her in a small booth in the back of the restaurant. There, I told her that I could not see her anymore, and that I needed time to think. This was one of the scariest things that I had ever done in my life. I was giving up my lover, my “family” and all of my friends…and I had to trust God…but would he deliver me?

Tears streaming down both of our faces, I could not believe, at that moment, what I was hearing. The gay bar doubled as a dance club on Saturday nights, and it was a Saturday. Out of haze, in the midst of my drunkenness, I heard the Jars of Clay song, belting through the speakers, melting my heart:

“Lift me up When I’m falling Lift me up I’m weak and I’m dying Lift me up I need you to hold me Lift me up To keep me from drowning again.”

God came to me that night. God heard me, even in my wretched sin. God heard me plead for the life I once knew, and He came to me that night, in the form of a song, bolting through me like lightning. Since then, I have never been the same.

I can proudly say, now, that I have a wonderful relationship with a Christian man. We encourage each other all the time in Christ. For a long time after all of this occurred, I struggled continuously with my lust for women. I truly believe that it was I choice I MADE to bring this sin into my life, and now I am paying the consequences for lost and loved friends, a woman who I hurt very badly due to my selfishness, and lust. Yes, I do still lust, but God is in control! When I feel this way, I PRAY. When I don’t feel that way, I pray. And, I can honestly say, that God HAS supplied all of my needs. Trust me friends, homosexuality is not your answer. Trust in the Lord, and he will deliver you, like he delivered me.

Nicole Faithful Franklin New Album “Taking It Back”: In Stores 29th Sept

Nicole “Faithful” Franklin, a multifaceted Inglewood, California raised, Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, Director, Choreographer and now new Gospel/Praise & Worship Recording Artist with a electrical presence not seen in the marketplace since the introduction of superstar performer Kirk Franklin, will enter the contemporary competitive Gospel-Inspirational Hip Hop musical loop with the release of her new album, TAKING IT BACK .The ground breaking CD will be released on Living Water Records distributed via Thank You Entertainment/Fontana/Universal. The rockin’, head bobbin’ inspirational Gospel, Praise & Worship, Hip Hop crafted first single, “Purpose and Destiny”(written and co-produced by Nicole Franklin with Producer Qura Rankin) will be released to Contemporary Gospel/Urban Music radio stations in June. The album is scheduled for release, Tuesday, September 29th. With the aid of Veteran Record Producer and Executive, KEVIN EVANS, CEO of THANK YOU ENTERTAINMENT, this amazing young woman is blessed with an electrifying worship leader presence with a positive voice that ranges from the passionate to powerful on this eclectic blend of gospel, praise and worship, inspirational hip hop classic album offering.

CeCe Winans & J. Moss To Perform at National Council of Negro Women Black Family Reunion Celebration

The National Council of Negro Women will be holding their 24th Annual Black Family Reunion Celebration on September 12-13, 2009 at the National Mall in Washington, DC. The Coca Cola sponsored event celebrates the enduring strengths and traditional values of the Black family.

On Sunday September 13th, there will be a Sunday concert in the park featuring gospel music artists CeCe Winans and J. Moss. The concert is part of the McDonald’s Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour.

Sounds of Blackness CD Release Party:

You’re Invited To Sounds of Blackness CD Release Party Tuesday Aug 25 6:30pm Mall of America! The Grammy Award-Winning Sounds of Blackness are back stronger than ever “THE 3RD GIFT:STORY, SONG & SPIRIT (In Stores & Online Tuesday August 25)

This life-changing CD has deeply profound music for the entire world with messages of peace, love and hope for all – especially during these times.”THE 3RD GIFT” features Sounds of Blackness’ amazing inspirational music spectrum -Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Spirituals, WorldBeat and a Special Tribute & Dedication to ‘The King of Pop’ Michael

Rae Ellis Debut Album “The Diary of Rae Ellis”:

Fusing gospel music’s past to its contemporary styling, emerging urban inspirational soul artist Rae Ellis serves as the perfect medium. With a vocal rasp reminiscent of Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald or Nina Simone, Rae Ellis captivates a sound that is as raw and melodic. Coupled with the awareness and lyrical responsiveness of her neo-soul contemporaries, Jill Scott and Chrisette Michele, she clearly exudes an undeniable anointing that leaps from the speakers directly into the heart and spirit of her listeners.

This evangelist, songwriter, and vocalist was born in Cleveland, OH via Buffalo, NY where she served in music ministry under her late father, Bishop Nathan S. Halton. Having served closely with her father, the founder of the Greater Faith Bible Tabernacle, she quickly learned the importance of prioritizing ministry and the “kingdom agenda” above her own desires

Michael W Smith- Rocketman

Who’s going to rescue these kids?” That question is the beginning of a journey which takes us to a dead-end street warehouse in the small town of Franklin, Tennessee, Michael W Smith and the picture of a weeping man sunk to the floor. That man is Michael W Smith and the sound colliding in his ears, on that very first night of Rocketown, was the frenzied traffic of 700 kids, the theme music of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘, and the beat of his own racing heart.

When that first Rocketown event happened in 1994 it was the start of something of which he’d long dreamt: the establishment of a local outreach centre where kids could be mentored and meet Christ. People had said it would probably never happen. People were wrong.