VICKIE WINANS LAUNCHES RECORD LABEL: Vickie Winans departs from Verity Records

VICKIE WINANS LAUNCHES RECORD LABEL: Veteran gospel artist departs from long-time label Verity Records.
Grammy nominated gospel music singer Vickie Winans‘ new Detroit-based Destiny Joy Records label has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Central South Distribution in Nashville. The charismatic singer who asked for and was recently released from a long-term recording agreement with Verity Records, is now free to chart her own career path on her own terms. “I am sooo excited about my new distribution deal with Central South,” says Vickie Winans. “It is a mega deal and I am ecstatic. Destiny Joy Records is on its way now!”

The new label’s name is very personal to Vickie Winans. “Right after I had my son, Coconut (Marvin Winans Jr.), I got pregnant with a little girl,” she recalls. “We were planning to name her Destiny Joy Winans. Unfortunately, However, I miscarried during my fifth month and lost my baby who only weighed one pound. I named that baby Marvlyn Loreal Winans after her father Marvin Lawrence Winans Sr and kept the name Destiny Joy alive – not knowing one day that I would start this label and name it after her. My son Mario Winans‘ beautiful daughter is also named Skyler Destiny Joy.”

Vickie Winans is one of the best-known artists in gospel music with signature songs such as “Shake Yourself Loose,” “As Long As I Got King Jesus” and “We Shall Behold Him” to her credit. Her latest CD “Woman to Woman” is one of her best albums to date. Her profile on BET’s Sunday morning TV series “Lift Every Voice” remains the most watched episode in that program’s history with over 800,000 viewers.

So listen out for GREAT things to come from Destiny Joy Records.