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Bishop Carlton Pearson. For those who have any interest in the debate concerning beliefs around eternal destiny, aka Heaven and Hell, this man’s journey is significant.

Bishop Carlton Pearson was branded a heretic by the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops in 2004, for his version of UR, called the “Gospel of Inclusion”. For the sake of his doctrine (read “faith”), in giving up hell, he found that his congregation fell by over 90%, he was forced to give up his church building, and he virtually lost his entire ministry.

Most painfully, he fell out with many friends and loved ones including the great (in pentecostal-charismatic terms) Oral Roberts who saw him as a son. He paid a heavy price to break away from the 1500 year old ideology of Ultimate Fear, and embrace a radical expression of Grace.

The scandal of Bishop Carlton Pearson is qualitatively different to what we have come to expect from the Church. Crucially it has not involved hypocrisy, as in extramarital liaisons, pedophilia, embezzlement, or substance abuse. No, the scandal of Bishop Carlton Pearson is not unlike the scandal of Christ, who took on the religious-political-cultural establishment for the sake of God rule of Love and Justice.


Six Risks Not Covered In a Professional Liability Policy

If you are considering signing up for a professional liability policy, then you are on the right track. offers is a sure way of protecting small, medium-sized and large businesses against unexpected events that could sabotage their operations. However, it is not a silver bullet for all your company’s risks.


Here are some of the risks that professional liability does not cover:

Intentional harm

Let’s say you are a home inspector and are hired to inspect a house by a potential buyer. The seller approaches you and asks that you conceal some mistakes in exchange for a favor and you agree. Later, when the buyer purchases the house, the problem you concealed is exposed and the buyer sues you. When the truth behind the error is revealed, you will not only have ruined your reputation, but also the insurer will not compensate you.


General liabilities

There is a leaky pipe at the entrance of the shop and it has been that way for quite a while. You have always assumed it. As your customer is walking in, he accidentally slips and falls, breaking his ankle. Your E and O insurance policy will not cater for any lawsuit that might follow. If you think that your business is at a high risk of such incidents, consider purchasing a general liability cover.


Employment disputes

Your assistant is unable to work due to some genuine reason. In pursuit of another assistant, you decide to call for an interview. The first person you interview is a middle aged woman who is not good at communicating thus you fail to hire her. The second candidate is a woman in her early twenties who communicates effectively. You decide to go for the second candidate, but the first one is dissatisfied and decides to sue you for discrimination. Her basis is that you refused to hire her because of her age. At this point, your professional liability cover will not help you.


Illegal activities

You a professional home inspector and business is not doing very well. Desperate, you come up with an idea on how you can source money from your insurer. So, you hire a home owner to act as a deceived client whom you mislead, hoping that the insurance company will pay compensation. The moment the claim adjuster notices that something is amiss is the time you will lose your claim. No E & O or any other insurance company covers fraud.


Property damage

Property damage is not an unusual occurrence. It might happen to anybody and at any instance. Whether you are at fault or not, your E & O policy will not cover any kind of property damage.


Employee injuries

Your wonderful and hardworking assistant usually dusts your office every morning. On one such occasion, she falls down and hurts her foot, requiring medical attention. You are required to pay for her medical bills and lost wages. Well, your professional liability insurance will not help you here. Talk to your insurance provider on the best cover for such incidents.