An Intimate Conversation w/ Grammy & Dove Awards Winner – TAKE 6‏

According to the book of Genesis, God took six days to mysteriously create the magnificent heavens, the replenishing earth and all marvellous living creatures, before resting on the seventh day. According to wikipedia, it took six students from the campuses of Oakwood College to create an international following for their uniquely brand of a capella music and appeal towards a contemporary Christian lifestyle.

It took six months to feature this awe-inspiring tale involving the lives of Alvin Chea, Cedric Dent, Joey Kibble, Mark Kibble, Claude V. McKnight III and David Thomas. We invite you now to take six minutes out of your busy schedule to read our colorful conversation with one of the most identifiable groups associated with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, six vocal virtuosos known as TAKE 6.

Christopher Heron: Take 6 has been together for about 25 years. Was there ever a period that the men considered taking a collective time off, or has it always been clear that Take 6 would be committed to this ministry for life?