Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor – New Stage Production – Newark, NJ

The word is out! Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counselor“ is a hit and it is HOT!! This is the second big season! You’ve heard about it and now it is coming to New York. The fans love it! The music is so good, the fans dance in the aisle! Tyler Perry, the No. 1 urban playwright in the country has created yet another exceptional piece of inspired work as well as introduced new talent to the world.

Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counselor” gives an account of marriage that puts the quest to the test. With the comedic craftsmanship of his amazing talent, Tyler Perry presents different segments that identify the quality of marriage

Roger Jackson (Tony Grant) and his wife Judith (Tamar Davis) the marriage counselor would appear to have the perfect marriage. Roger’s father, Floyd (Palmer Williams, Jr.) and Judith’s mom, T.T. (Altrinna Grayson) are temporary house guests post Katrina. Judith, the professional Ivy league-educated marriage counselor gives marital advice to couples who are confused and bewildered. However, what about her own marriage? Who can counsel the counselor when she turns to a certain college friend?

The surprise elements of this adult-themed production is unpredictable yet very delightful. Tyler Perry has introduced Palmer Williams, Jr. to his production and much to the delight of the fans he has become an overwhelming favorite. Palmer’s spontaneous wit makes the audience roar with laughter. Other cast members include: veteran stage actor Tony Grant with the golden voice and newcomers Tamar Davis, Timon Kyle Durrett and Stephanie Ferrett!

Don’t miss the 10th production by Tyler Perry! This is truly a must-see event with extraordinary singing talent that is amazing! Tyler Perry is not performing in this show